Image Usage Guidelines

With all the content available on the internet, it’s clear that images can speak volumes, adding vibrancy and context to the written word.

We understand and appreciate the value that our unique collection of images brings to your projects, blogs, presentations, and websites.

To facilitate the use of our images while respecting intellectual property rights, we’ve crafted a straightforward attribution policy that allows you to use our resources ethically and legally.

Why Attribution Matters

Before we dive into the how-tos, it’s crucial to understand why attribution is important. When you use an image without proper credit, you’re disregarding the creator’s rights and effort.

Attribution is a way to show respect for the creator’s work, contribute to the spirit of sharing, and maintain the flow of free resources. It also avoids the legal complications that might arise from unauthorized use.

Using Images from

To use an image from our site, follow these steps:

Choose Your Image

The vast majority of charts, tables, and other visual presentations have images available by clicking the ‘View as Image’ button beneath the element.

From the popup window that results from clicking on the button, simply right click on the image and save the image to your computer.

Images without the popup feature can simply be saved by using the right click method.

Note: The data on our site is very dynamic and changes quite frequently. Many images that reference car insurance rates are date stamped at the bottom when the data was last updated. Maintaining current data in the images you use is your responsibility. Do not link directly to images on our site or embed images from our site in any way that uses our server resources.

Understand the License

All images on are free to use, but they do come with a license that requires attribution back to the page where you found the original image. Make sure you understand these terms before proceeding.

Place Attribution on Your Site

When you use our image, use an attribution link in a visible area near the image. If the image is used in an article or blog post, the attribution can be placed at the end of the post, as long as it’s clear which image it refers to.

Here’s what the attribution should look like:

“Image courtesy of Insuraviz, [Direct Image Link].”

Replace the [Direct Image Link] with the full URL to the page where you found the original image on our site.

Attribution Etiquette

  • Do not alter the attribution link or make it intentionally less visible.
  • The attribution should not imply any endorsement by your site or project.
  • It’s always best to place the attribution as close to the image as possible.
  • If you’re using multiple images from our site, each image should have its own attribution.

Thank You and Enjoy Our Work!

We’re thrilled that you’re considering using images from

By following these simple guidelines, you can enrich your content with our visual assets while also respecting and acknowledging the work that goes into creating them.

Proper attribution not only aligns with legal standards but also fosters a community of sharing and mutual respect.

If you have any questions about the use of our images or our attribution policy, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to help you create amazing content with the support of our visual library.