Midsize SUV Insurance Rate Comparisons

The mid-size SUV class includes popular vehicles like the Ford Explorer and Honda Pilot, and insurance rates average from about $115 to over $170 a month for full coverage.

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Small SUVs and CUVs (Crossover Utility Vehicles) are the fastest growing segment in the automotive industry. In 20 years, the segment has grown to over 40% of the market and has shown no signs of slowing down.

With such a market dominance, how do small SUVs fare on the insurance side? Surprising well, actually. Costing on average less than 5% more than the average midsized car, small SUVs have a slight disadvantage in fuel economy numbers but more than make up for it with affordable auto insurance rates.

How much does it cost to insure a midsize SUV?

For the 2023 model year, the Honda Passport has the cheapest cost of insurance at $1,368 per year for full coverage. On the high end, the Rivian R1S checks out at $2,160 for an annual policy. The average cost of insurance for all midsize SUVs is $1,724 per year.

The argument can be made that the Tesla Model Y would fit better in the midsize luxury SUV segment, or even classified as a car and not a SUV since it’s a CUV (Compact Utility Vehicle) that definitely leans more toward the compact side. But since Tesla categorizes the Model Y as a midsize SUV, who are we to argue?

The 31 vehicles in the midsize SUV segment are shown below with the estimated annual and monthly cost of car insurance for each.

Midsize SUV Insurance Cost Comparison
Rank Make/Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
1Honda Passport$1,368$114
2Subaru Ascent$1,434$120
3Ford Edge$1,494$125
4Ford Explorer$1,504$125
5Volkswagen Atlas$1,506$126
6Nissan Murano$1,516$126
7Subaru Outback$1,518$127
8Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport$1,576$131
9Toyota Venza$1,608$134
10Kia Sorento$1,618$135
11Hyundai Palisade$1,638$137
12Toyota 4Runner$1,654$138
13GMC Acadia$1,682$140
14Chevrolet Traverse$1,684$140
15Honda Pilot$1,696$141
16Buick Enclave$1,702$142
17Nissan Pathfinder$1,712$143
18Mazda CX-9$1,720$143
19Mitsubishi Outlander Sport$1,744$145
20Kia Telluride$1,754$146
21Toyota Highlander$1,762$147
22Chevrolet Blazer$1,786$149
23Hyundai Santa Fe$1,810$151
24Jeep Grand Cherokee$1,876$156
25Jeep Cherokee$1,914$160
26Jeep Wrangler$1,952$163
27Ford Bronco$1,962$164
28Tesla Model Y$1,970$164
29Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV$2,018$168
30Dodge Durango$2,102$175
31Rivian R1S$2,160$180

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    Table Data Details: Average rates are based on 2023 model year, 40-year-old married male driver with a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents. Safe driver and claim-free discounts are applied to policy premium, which is averaged for all vehicle trim levels. Full coverage physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on May 5, 2023
    Midsize SUV Insurance Cost Comparison

    In order to estimate insurance rates, some assumptions have to be made, and those can be found by clicking on the “View Data Details” button below the table. Most importantly, the rates are factored for a middle-aged safe driver with physical damage deductibles of $500 for both comprehensive and collision coverage.

    When comparing insurance costs for different vehicle segments, we attempt to keep model comparisons as “apples-to-apples” as possible. This means filtering out the midsize luxury SUVs, as they skew the cost of insurance upwards when compared to more affordable, mainstream models.

    Which midsize SUV has the cheapest insurance cost?

    The cheapest 2023 model year midsize SUV to insure is the Honda Passport, costing $1,368 annually. For a semi-annual or 6-month policy term, expect to pay around $684. For monthly budgeters, this equates to about $114 each month.

    Second and third place honors for the cheapest insurance in the midsize SUV segment go to the Subaru Ascent, costing $1,434 per year, and the Ford Edge at $1,494 annually.

    Also see our complete SUV car insurance cost comparison including compact and full-size models to find out overall what is the cheapest SUV to insure.

    Which midsize SUV has the highest insurance cost?

    The midsize SUV with the most expensive insurance is the Rivian R1S, costing an estimated $2,160 per year. It will cost around $792 more to insure a Rivian R1S each year compared to the cheapest midsize SUV to insure, the Honda Passport.

    As mentioned before, the Tesla is somewhat of the odd vehicle in this roundup. If keeping strictly to gas burners, the Ford Bronco and Dodge Durango would fall into the most expensive spots, with the Durango costing slightly more. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

    What does the average midsize SUV cost to insure?

    Taking an average of all 31 vehicles in our midsize SUV insurance cost comparison, the average rate is around $1,724 per year. Considering the national average for all vehicles is about $1,685 each year, the cost to insure the average midsize SUV is higher than average.

    An important note about the estimated rates is the fact that your location and the exact trim level of your vehicle are two big factors in determining the rate you pay. We average rates across all trim levels for each model as well as across all U.S. states.

    There is a good chance that your actual rate could actually be higher or lower than the estimated average, which highlights the importance of actually getting car insurance quotes based on your zip code and vehicle details.

    There are four midsize SUVs that rank closely at the top of the rankings. The most popular midsize SUV is the Toyota Highlander with the Subaru Outback, Ford Explorer, and Toyota 4Runner filling the #2 through #4 spots.