How Much Does BMW M2 Insurance Cost? – 2023 Rates + Comparisons

We compare auto insurance rates for the M2 Competition Coupe to find out how average prices compare side-by-side to all other sports cars.

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  • Car insurance rates on a BMW M2 cost an average of $2,036 per year, or around $170 per month.
  • Out of 26 models in the 2023 sports car segment, the M2 ranks ninth for car insurance cost.

How much does BMW M2 insurance cost?

BMW M2 car insurance rates average $2,036 a year, or $170 each month, for a full coverage policy. On average, expect to pay around $376 less annually to insure a BMW M2 as compared to the average rate for sports cars, and $351 more per year than the all-vehicle national average of $1,685.

The rate summary chart below shows how 2023 BMW M2 insurance cost changes depending on the age of the driver and the physical damage deductibles chosen for the policy.

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Chart Data Details: Chart shows average insurance cost for a 2023 BMW M2 with safe driver and claim-free discounts applied. Rates are for full-coverage insurance and averaged for all U.S. states and all BMW M2 trim levels.Data last updated on February 13, 2023
BMW M2 Car Insurance Rates
2023 BMW M2 Insurance Cost by Driver Age and Deductibles
Driver Age Deductible Annual Cost Monthly Cost

The table below illustrates average car insurance cost on a BMW M2 from the 2016 to the 2023 model years for five different age groups. The annual cost for the average 40-year-old driver ranges from $1,682 to $2,036 for a full coverage policy.

BMW M2 Insurance Cost by Model Year
Model Year and Vehicle Driver Age 20 Driver Age 40 Driver Age 60
2023 BMW M2$4,044$2,036$1,818
2021 BMW M2$3,952$1,984$1,772
2020 BMW M2$3,892$1,952$1,742
2019 BMW M2$3,826$1,912$1,710
2018 BMW M2$3,530$1,762$1,582
2017 BMW M2$3,360$1,682$1,508
2016 BMW M2$3,282$1,648$1,476

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Table Data Details: Average rates for each driver age group are for a 12-month period and assume a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents. Full coverage physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on February 13, 2023
BMW M2 Insurance Cost by Model Year

How do BMW M2 insurance prices compare?

When average rates are compared to the other sports cars, insurance rates for a BMW M2 cost $234 less than the Lexus RC F, $624 less per year than the Dodge Challenger, $108 more than the BMW Z4, and $274 less than the Chevrolet Camaro.

The BMW M2 ranks ninth out of 26 total vehicles in the sports car segment for most affordable car insurance cost. The M2 costs an average of $2,036 per year for full coverage auto insurance, while the class average insurance cost is $2,412 annually, a difference of $376 per year.

The table displayed below shows how BMW M2 insurance rates compare to the top-selling small luxury cars like the Acura TLX, Audi A4, and the Genesis G70.

BMW M2 Insurance Cost Comparison
Rank Make/Model Insurance Cost Difference
1Mazda MX-5 Miata$1,630-$406
2Audi TT$1,828-$208
3Ford Mustang$1,914-$122
4BMW Z4$1,928-$108
5Subaru WRX$1,948-$88
6Nissan Z$1,978-$58
7Toyota GR Supra$2,010-$26
8Toyota GR86$2,034-$2
9BMW M2$2,036--
10Subaru BRZ$2,128$92
11Chevrolet Corvette$2,176$140
12BMW M3$2,224$188
13Lexus RC F$2,270$234
14Porsche 718$2,272$236
15Chevrolet Camaro$2,310$274
16Mercedes-Benz AMG GT53$2,448$412
17Jaguar F-Type$2,534$498
18Porsche Taycan$2,590$554
19BMW M4$2,622$586
20Lexus LC 500$2,652$616
21Dodge Challenger$2,660$624
22Porsche 911$2,890$854
23Acura NSX$3,268$1,232
24Audi R8$3,378$1,342
25Mercedes-Benz SL 55$3,382$1,346
26Mercedes-Benz SL 63$3,600$1,564

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Table Data Details: Average rates are based on the 2023 model year, with the rated driver being a 40-year-old married male with a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents. Safe driver and claim-free discounts are applied to rates, which are averaged for all vehicle trim levels. Full-coverage physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are also averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on February 13, 2023
BMW M2 Insurance Cost Comparison

Other rates and insights

Some other noteworthy insights concerning the cost of insurance for an M2 include:

  • Polish up your credit rating for lower rates. Insureds with excellent credit scores of 800+ may save up to $320 per year compared to a slightly lower credit rating between 670-739. Conversely, a poor credit rating could cost as much as $371 more per year.
  • Qualify for policy discounts to save money. Discounts may be available if policyholders choose electronic billing, are good students, are claim-free, are loyal customers, belong to certain professional organizations, or other policy discounts which could save the average driver as much as $344 per year on the cost of insuring an M2.
  • Negligent drivers pay higher insurance rates. Too many at-fault accidents can cost more, potentially up to $2,826 per year for a 20-year-old driver and even as much as $634 per year for a 50-year-old driver.
  • Driving citations can increase insurance cost. To get the cheapest M2 car insurance rates, it’s necessary to not be an aggressive driver. As a matter of fact, just one or two minor incidents on your driving report could increase insurance rates by as much as $530 per year. Major violations such as driving while intoxicated could raise rates by an additional $1,856 or more.
  • Car insurance is expensive for high-risk drivers. For a 20-year-old driver, having a tendency to get into accidents or receive violations could inflate rates by $3,118 or more per year.