BMW 745e Car Insurance Cost for 2022

How much does BMW 745e insurance cost? We break down rates for the 7-Series plug-in hybrid to see how it measures up to the competition.

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  • The average BMW 745e insurance cost is $2,230 per year, or $186 per month for full coverage.
  • Out of 25 models in the 2022 full-size luxury sedan segment, the BMW 745e ranks #9 for overall insurance affordability.

How much does BMW 745e insurance cost?

BMW 745e insurance costs around $2,230 annually for full coverage, or about $186 a month. The 745e costs $162 less per year to insure than the average large luxury car, and $679 more per year than the $1,551 average for all vehicles (non-luxury included).

The next chart illustrates how 745e car insurance rates fluctuate based on the age of the driver and the policy deductibles.

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Chart Data Details: Chart shows average insurance cost for a 2022 BMW 745e with safe driver and claim-free discounts applied. Rates are for full-coverage insurance and averaged for all U.S. states and all BMW 745e trim levels.Data last updated on April 14, 2022
BMW 745e Car Insurance Rates
BMW 745e Insurance Cost by Driver Age and Deductibles
Driver Age Deductible Annual Cost Monthly Cost

How do 745e car insurance prices rank?

The BMW 745e ranks #9 out of 25 comparison vehicles in the 2022 large luxury car class for most affordable insurance cost. The 745e costs an average of $2,230 per year for a full coverage policy, while the segment average cost is $2,392 per year, a difference of $162 per year.

When average rates are compared to other popular large luxury cars, insurance prices for a BMW 745e cost $454 more per year than the Audi A5, $290 less than the BMW 740i, and $404 less than the Porsche Panamera.

The table displayed below shows where insurance cost for a BMW 745e ranks against other competitors in the full-size luxury sedan segment.

Insurance Cost Comparison: BMW 745e vs Large Luxury Cars
Rank Make/Model Insurance Cost Difference
1Audi A5$1,776-$454
2Volvo S90$1,960-$270
3Lexus LS 500$2,034-$196
4Mercedes-Benz AMG E53$2,068-$162
5Genesis G90$2,070-$160
6Mercedes-Benz AMG GT43$2,116-$114
7Lexus LS 500h$2,178-$52
8BMW 840i$2,190-$40
9BMW 745e$2,230--
10Mercedes-Benz EQS 450$2,282$52
11Infiniti Q60$2,290$60
12Mercedes-Benz S500$2,318$88
13Audi RS 7$2,324$94
14Mercedes-Benz EQS 580$2,342$112
15BMW M850i$2,496$266
16Mercedes-Benz S580$2,500$270
17BMW 740i$2,520$290
18Audi S8$2,558$328
19BMW 750i$2,580$350
20Audi A8$2,588$358
21Porsche Panamera$2,634$404
22Mercedes-Benz S560$2,750$520
23BMW Alpina B8$2,886$656
24BMW M760i$2,978$748
25Mercedes-Benz Maybach S580$3,132$902

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Table Data Details: Average rates are based on 2022 model year, 40-year-old married male driver with a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents. Safe driver and claim-free discounts are applied to policy premium, which is averaged for all vehicle trim levels. Full coverage physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on April 2, 2022
Insurance Cost Comparison: BMW 745e vs Large Luxury Cars

Additional key rates and potential discounts

A few additional key data observations about insuring a BMW 745e include:

  • Car insurance for high-risk drivers is expensive. For a 40-year-old driver, the requirement to buy a high-risk policy can cause a rate increase of $2,644 or more per year.
  • Young male drivers pay the highest rates. For a 2022 BMW 745e, a 20-year-old man will pay an estimated rate of $4,430 per year, while a 20-year-old female will pay an average of $3,272, a difference of $1,158 per year. Women get significantly cheaper rates. But by age 50, the male rate is $2,026 and the cost for female drivers is $1,982, a difference of only $44.
  • Careless drivers pay higher rates. At-fault accidents raise insurance rates, possibly as much as $1,032 per year for a 30-year-old driver and as much as $644 per year for a 60-year-old driver.
  • Qualify for policy discounts to lower insurance cost. Discounts may be available if the policyholders are senior citizens, are accident-free, sign their policy early, drive low annual mileage, or many other policy discounts which could save the average driver as much as $378 per year on the cost of insuring a BMW 745e.
  • The cost to insure teen drivers is expensive. Average rates for full coverage 745e insurance costs $7,690 per year for a 16-year-old driver, $7,270 per year for a 17-year-old driver, $6,824 per year for a 18-year-old driver, and $6,230 per year for a 19-year-old driver.
  • A good driving record means cheaper insurance rates. To pay the most reasonable price on 745e insurance rates, it’s necessary to follow the law. A few traffic violations could result in raising insurance cost as much as $576 per year.