Volvo Car Insurance Cost for 2023

How much does average Volvo insurance cost? We compared rates for models like the Volvo S90, XC90, and XC60 to find out which have the cheapest car insurance rates.

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Founded on the concept of vehicle safety in 1927, Volvo has long been recognized as one of the safest brands on the road. This exceptional safety and reliability gives Volvo a distinct edge when it comes to car insurance rates.

As one of the larger factors that determines auto insurance prices, safer vehicles reduce occupant injuries, which in turn lowers claims paid by car insurance companies.

Drivers who choose a safer vehicle to insure, are rewarded by paying lower rates.

In this article, we summarize the average cost to insure all Volvo models produced since 2013. In addition, we compare the average cost across the entire brand to all other popular auto manufacturers.

How much does it cost to insure a Volvo?

Average Volvo car insurance rates for 2023 models range from $1,664 a year for a Volvo XC40 up to $2,290 per year for the Volvo S90.

The Volvo S60 and S90 sedans along with the XC40, V60 and XC90 SUVs have some of the best rates in their respective luxury segments.

The average insurance cost for all Volvo models for the 2023 model year is $1,928 per year. When compared to the average cost of car insurance in the U.S. of $1,728, Volvo insurance is $200 more per year.

Average  car insurance cost is detailed in the table below for Volvos sold in the U.S. since 2013. Models like the C30, C70, S80, and XC70 are no longer produced and their last production year is noted.

Average Insurance Cost for Volvo Vehicles
Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Volvo C30 2013 and prior model years$1,316$110
Volvo C40$1,894$158
Volvo C70 2013 and prior model years$1,300$108
Volvo S60$2,024$169
Volvo S80 2016 and prior model years$1,552$129
Volvo S90$2,290$191
Volvo V60$1,946$162
Volvo V90$1,886$157
Volvo XC40$1,664$139
Volvo XC60$1,852$154
Volvo XC70 2016 and prior model years$1,466$122
Volvo XC90$1,866$156

Is Volvo car insurance expensive?

Volvo has some of the best car insurance rates of any premium brand. When compared to the top German luxury brands, average Volvo insurance rates are 19.1% cheaper per year than Audi,  23.1% cheaper per year than BMW, and 25% cheaper than Mercedes-Benz.

Even when compared to the three major Japanese luxury brands, Volvo insurance cost is 5.2% less than Acura, 12.4% less than Infiniti, and 6.9% less than Lexus.

The chart below shows how Volvo compares to other luxury brands for overall car insurance rates. Volvo is represented by the orange bar on the left at $1,928 per year, while the luxury brands are alphabetical in blue.

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Chart Data Details: Average car insurance rates include all Volvo, Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the 2023 model year. Rated driver is a 40-year-old married male with safe driver and claim-free discounts applied. Physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on August 11, 2023
Volvo Car Insurance Cost vs. Top Competitors

The results of the chart prove that Volvo has very good auto insurance rates. Volvo does not have the large number of high-end models like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, so that helps keep rates down. And the renowned safety of the brand is another factor that makes the cost affordable.

The next table does a more complete comparison of Volvo car insurance cost, by including mainstream non-luxury U.S., Japanese, and Korean brands.

Volvo Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands
Automotive Brand Insurance Cost Difference
Land Rover$2,201$273

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Table Data Details: Average car insurance cost for each automotive brand assumes a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents for a 40-year-old driver. Rates are averaged for all 2023 models for each manufacturer and for all U.S. states. The difference column indicates the cost difference between each brand and the average cost of Volvo insurance. Green indicates the brand is cheaper to insure on average than Volvo and red indicates the brand costs more to insure on average than Volvo.Data last updated on August 12, 2023
Volvo Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands

Insurance for a Volvo does tend to be more expensive than brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, and Toyota. But that’s to be expected when you compare the average sticker price for those brands versus a Volvo.

Volvo holds it’s own as one of the cheapest premium brands to insure.

What are the cheapest Volvos to insure?

For the 2023 model year, drivers will see the cheapest Volvo car insurance quotes on the Volvo XC40, which is a small luxury SUV costing $1,664 per year to insure on average.

Ranking second for cheapest insurance rates, the Volvo XC60 costs an average of $1,852 per year to insure.

Those two models and an additional three round out the top five cheapest Volvo vehicles to insure shown in the list below.

Cheapest Volvo vehicles to insure for 2023

  1. Volvo XC40 – (small luxury SUV) Average insurance cost of $1,664 per year
  2. Volvo XC60 – (small luxury SUV) Average insurance cost of $1,852 per year
  3. Volvo XC90 – (large luxury SUV) Average insurance cost of $1,866 per year
  4. Volvo V90 – (midsize luxury SUV) Average insurance cost of $1,886 per year
  5. Volvo C40 – (small luxury SUV) Average insurance cost of $1,894 per year