Lexus Insurance Cost for 2023

How much does Lexus car insurance cost? We break down the average cost for all Lexus models to see which vehicles have the cheapest insurance rates.

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Lexus, headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, is the luxury brand of Toyota and is Japan’s largest premium car manufacturer.

Popular Lexus models include the RX series of compact luxury SUVs like the RX 350, RX 350 F Sport, and RX 450hL Hybrid. The NX series is slightly smaller than the RX and includes models like the NX 300, NX 300 F Sport, and NX 300h Hybrid.

Performance Lexus models include the LC in base, hybrid, and convertible trims, and the RC F with the optional Carbon Package or Fuji Speedway Edition.

The Lexus GX and LX are larger SUV models, and include the GX 460 in base, Premium, and Luxury trims, and the LX 570 in two-row, three-row, and Inspiration trim levels.

Having a vehicle selection with everything from compact SUVs to high-performance sports cars yields the big question of how much will insurance cost for your Lexus.

How much does Lexus insurance cost?

Lexus car insurance costs an average of $2,066 per year for 2023 models. Rates range from $1,620 a year for a Lexus RX 350 up to $2,722 per year for the Lexus LC 500. Average monthly car insurance cost ranges from $135 to $227 for full coverage.

Models that are closest to the median price are the Lexus ES 250, Lexus RC 300, and Lexus RC 350. Annual insurance cost for those three models is $1,966, $1,970, and $2,010, respectively.

The table below shows the average Lexus insurance rates by model back to the 2013 model year. Models that are no longer in production have their last model year noted next to the model name.

Average Insurance Cost for Lexus Vehicles
Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Lexus CT 200H 2017 and prior model years$1,822$152
Lexus ES 250$1,966$164
Lexus ES 300h$2,138$178
Lexus ES 350$1,952$163
Lexus GS 200T 2017 and prior model years$1,880$157
Lexus GS 300 2019 and prior model years$1,920$160
Lexus GS 350 2020 and prior model years$1,990$166
Lexus GS 450 2018 and prior model years$2,054$171
Lexus GS F 2020 and prior model years$2,424$202
Lexus GX 460$1,928$161
Lexus IS 200T 2017 and prior model years$1,724$144
Lexus IS 250 2015 and prior model years$1,834$153
Lexus IS 300$2,040$170
Lexus IS 350$2,084$174
Lexus IS 500$2,272$189
Lexus IS F 2014 and prior model years$1,586$132
Lexus LC 500$2,722$227
Lexus LC 500h$2,710$226
Lexus LS 460 2017 and prior model years$2,140$178
Lexus LS 500$2,366$197
Lexus LS 500h$2,512$209
Lexus LS 600H 2016 and prior model years$2,426$202
Lexus LX 570$2,544$212
Lexus NX 200T 2017 and prior model years$1,576$131
Lexus NX 250$1,786$149
Lexus NX 300 2021 and prior model years$1,714$143
Lexus NX 300H 2021 and prior model years$1,930$161
Lexus NX 350$1,818$152
Lexus NX 350h$1,806$151
Lexus NX 450h$1,826$152
Lexus RC 200T 2017 and prior model years$1,710$143
Lexus RC 300$1,970$164
Lexus RC 350$2,010$168
Lexus RC F$2,330$194
Lexus RX 350$1,620$135
Lexus RX 350L$1,850$154
Lexus RX 450 2021 and prior model years$2,010$168
Lexus RX 450h$1,908$159
Lexus RX 450hL$1,938$162
Lexus RZ 450e$1,848$154
Lexus UX 200 2022 and prior model years$1,740$145
Lexus UX 250h$1,694$141

Is Lexus car insurance expensive?

Having an average car insurance cost of $2,066 per year means Lexus insurance costs more than non-luxury models, but fares well when compared to competitors like Audi, Infiniti, and Mercedes Benz.

When compared to the U.S. national average car insurance rate for all vehicles of $1,728, Lexus averages $338 more more per year.

Top competitors to Lexus in the luxury segment include Acura and Infiniti. Average Lexus insurance costs $35 more per year than Acura and $117 less per year than Infiniti.

The chart below compares Lexus to other luxury automakers to see how average car insurance rates rank. Lexus is shown as the first orange bar while other luxury competitors are shown in blue alphabetically.

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Chart Data Details: Average car insurance rates include all Lexus, Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo vehicles for the 2023 model year. Rated driver is a 40-year-old married male with safe driver and claim-free discounts applied. Physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on August 12, 2023
Lexus Car Insurance Cost vs. Top Luxury Competitors

Based on the chart data, it’s clear that Lexus insurance rates are not the most expensive, but also not the cheapest. Average rates are cheaper than Audi, BMW, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz, but more expensive than Acura, Cadillac, and Volvo.

To get a better idea of how Lexus insurance rates compare to both luxury and non-luxury automakers, the table below includes many more brands, including Ford, Chevy, Honda, and Toyota.

The difference column shows how much cheaper or more expensive car insurance costs on average for each brand when compared to Lexus. Green values indicate the comparison brand is cheaper than Lexus, while red values mean that the average cost of car insurance for that brand is more expensive than Lexus.

Lexus Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands
Automotive Brand Insurance Cost Difference
Land Rover$2,201$135

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Table Data Details: Average car insurance cost for each automotive brand assumes a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents for a 40-year-old driver. Rates are averaged for all 2023 models for each manufacturer and for all U.S. states. The difference column indicates the cost difference between each brand and the average cost of Lexus insurance. Green indicates the brand is cheaper to insure on average than Lexus and red indicates the brand costs more to insure on average than Lexus.Data last updated on August 12, 2023
Lexus Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands

Having more green values than red values reinforces the fact that Lexus insurance rates are higher than average. However, most red values are luxury brands, which means Lexus insurance cost is favorable when compared to other luxury automakers.

Which Lexus has the cheapest car insurance rates?

For 2023 models, the cheapest Lexus model to insure is the Lexus RX 350, which is a midsize luxury SUV costing $1,620 per year to insure, or around $135 per month. The Lexus UX 250h ranks second at $1,694 per year.

Rounding out the top five cheapest Lexus models to insure are the Lexus NX 250, Lexus NX 350h, and Lexus NX 350. Annual and monthly rates for all cheapest models are shown below.

Top five cheapest 2023 Lexus car insurance rates

  1. Lexus RX 350 – (midsize luxury SUV) Average annual insurance rate of $1,620 ($135 per month)
  2. Lexus UX 250h – (small luxury SUV) Average annual insurance rate of $1,694 ($141 per month)
  3. Lexus NX 250 – (small luxury SUV) Average annual insurance rate of $1,786 ($149 per month)
  4. Lexus NX 350h – (small luxury SUV) Average annual insurance rate of $1,806 ($151 per month)
  5. Lexus NX 350 – (small luxury SUV) Average annual insurance rate of $1,818 ($152 per month)

Where can I find cheap Lexus car insurance?

Due to the fact that Lexus is a luxury nameplate, car insurance is going to inevitably be more expensive than a Honda or Chevy. However, many Lexus models actually rank very well for car insurance affordability.

Car insurance rates vary considerably based on location, driver age, and other factors, so we recommend starting with our interactive free car insurance quotes. By setting a few simple options, you can see companies that have some of the cheapest rates based on the criteria that you set.

We have four tips that we recommend our readers follow when comparing car insurance quotes.

Tip #1 (if you only follow one, this is it)

Comparing car insurance quotes is kind of like a scientific experiment.  You want to keep all variables as identical as possible in order to end up with a valid result.

In the case of comparison quotes, you want to make sure the coverage limits and deductibles are identical on each price quote you get.

This helps reduce variability between each company and allows you to have better apples-to-apples prices to compare.

Now not all companies allow you to enter identical values, but get as close as possible. For example, one company may offer $250 deductibles, but another uses $200. Those are close enough for the purpose of comparing car insurance rates.

Tip #2

This tip just makes it easier to compare rates to your current policy, if you have one. Every car insurance policy has a “declarations” page, which is simply the page that shows you how much of each coverage you have.

You might see values liability values like 25/50 or 100/300, or deductible values of $250, $500 or even $1,000. These are the values you want to enter when getting quotes with other companies in order to have a fair comparison to your current policy.

As mentioned in Tip #1, if you use different values on each quote, you can’t accurately determine which car insurance company is the cheapest.

Tip #3

Car insurance companies offer all kinds of optional add-on coverages like rental reimbursement, GAP coverage, towing, sound system coverage, and many more. If you have a current policy that has any optional coverages, try to get them on the comparison quotes.

If you don’t have a policy now, we recommend not adding any of those coverages just for comparison purposes. They can always be added on later if needed, but to simplify the process, keep them off for now.

Not all insurance companies offer identical add-on coverages, but they do offer the same base policy coverages. So for apples-to-apples comparisons, just do the basics.

Tip #4

If the thought of trying to find a lot of good companies to quote with sounds time consuming (if not impossible), we can help. Our free car insurance quotes page makes it easy to find great companies with great rates. Answer a few easy questions and you’ll get a list of companies tailored to your needs!