Genesis Car Insurance Cost for 2023

How much does it cost to insure a Genesis vehicle? We break down average rates for the G70, G80, GV80 and more to see which have the cheapest car insurance cost.

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Genesis car insurance costs an average of $2,102 per year for 2023 models. Rates range from $1,928 a year for a Genesis G70 up to $2,394 per year for the Genesis G90.

When compared to the U.S. national average car insurance rate, which is $1,728 per year, Genesis vehicles average $374 more more.

The table below shows average annual and monthly car insurance rates for the different Genesis models. Follow any model link for detailed trim-level rates and segment comparisons.

Average Insurance Cost for Genesis Vehicles
Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Genesis G70$1,928$161
Genesis G80$2,298$192
Genesis G90$2,394$200
Genesis GV60$2,010$168
Genesis GV70$1,998$167
Genesis GV80$1,986$166

Genesis models compete in the luxury car and SUV segments. Due to the higher sticker price on luxury models, car insurance will generally cost more than non-luxury alternatives.

When compared to some of its luxury competitors, average car insurance cost on Genesis models is 3.4% more expensive per year than Acura, 10.5% cheaper per year than Audi, 3.8% cheaper per year than Infiniti, 1.7% more expensive per year than Lexus, 16.5% cheaper per year than Mercedes-Benz, and 8.6% more expensive per year than Volvo.

The chart below visualizes this comparison, with Genesis rates being the orange bar and the competition being the blue bars.

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Chart Data Details: Average car insurance rates include all Genesis, Acura, Audi, Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo vehicles for the 2023 model year. Rated driver is a 40-year-old married male with safe driver and claim-free discounts applied. Physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on August 12, 2023
Genesis Car Insurance Cost vs. Top Luxury Competitors

It’s also useful to know how Genesis rates compare to non-luxury brands, like Ford, Honda, and even Kia, the Korean parent company of Genesis.

The table below compares Genesis insurance rates (first row) to other popular auto manufacturers. The difference column indicates the dollar difference per year in insurance cost between the comparison brand and Genesis.

If the value in the difference column is green, then the average cost of insurance for that brand is cheaper than Genesis. If the value is red, the comparison brand is more expensive. Follow any brand link to view detailed car insurance data and rate comparisons.

Genesis Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands
Automotive Brand Insurance Cost Difference
Land Rover$2,201$99

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Table Data Details: Average car insurance cost for each automotive brand assumes a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents for a 40-year-old driver. Rates are averaged for all 2023 models for each manufacturer and for all U.S. states. The difference column indicates the cost difference between each brand and the average cost of Genesis insurance. Green indicates the brand is cheaper to insure on average than Genesis and red indicates the brand costs more to insure on average than Genesis.Data last updated on August 11, 2023
Genesis Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands