Ford Car Insurance Cost for 2022

How much does Ford insurance cost? We break down average prices from the Bronco to the Mustang to see how affordable Ford car insurance rates are.

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Ford manufactures a wide range of vehicles: from the off-road capable Ford Bronco to the workhorse F-Series pickups to the sporty battery power of the Mustang Mach-E.

With such a large selection of vehicle models comes a large range of car insurance rates. Most Ford models fall into the “affordable” car insurance cost range of $1,300 to $1,600 a year, or around $108 to $133 per month.

Models with cheap car insurance rates include the Ford Escape, Edge, and Fiesta models. Vehicles with higher-than-average car insurance rates include the Ford Expedition, Mustang, and F-Series Super Duty trucks.

With the highlights out of the way, let’s look at the entire lineup and see how Ford insurance rates compare.

How much does Ford car insurance cost?

Average Ford car insurance rates for 2022 range from $1,304 a year for a Ford Maverick up to $2,004 per year for the Ford F450 Super Duty. The average cost per year when averaged for all models is $1,548.

Mid-range models include the Ford Ranger pickup, Explorer, and even the F-150, which ranks #1 in insurance cost for the full-size pickup truck segment at $1,478 per year.

The following table shows the average insurance cost for each Ford model going back to the 2013 model year. Average 2022 model Ford insurance cost per month ranges from $109 to $167 for full coverage.

Average Insurance Cost for Ford Vehicles
Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
Ford Bronco$1,532$128
Ford C-Max (2018 and prior)$1,338$112
Ford Econoline (2014 and prior)$1,078$90
Ford Ecosport$1,380$115
Ford Edge$1,374$115
Ford Escape$1,498$125
Ford Expedition$1,622$135
Ford Explorer$1,434$120
Ford F150$1,478$123
Ford F250 Super Duty$1,814$151
Ford F350 Super Duty$1,656$138
Ford F450 Super Duty$2,004$167
Ford Fiesta (2019 and prior)$1,124$94
Ford Flex (2019 and prior)$1,378$115
Ford Focus (2018 and prior)$1,526$127
Ford Fusion (2020 and prior)$1,584$132
Ford Maverick$1,304$109
Ford Mustang$1,608$134
Ford Mustang Mach-E$1,726$144
Ford Ranger$1,354$113
Ford Taurus (2019 and prior)$1,500$125
Ford Transit$1,536$128
Ford Transit Connect$1,452$121

Is Ford car insurance expensive?

With an average car insurance cost of $1,548 per year across all models, Ford car insurance is 1.2% less than the national average car insurance cost of $1,567.

When compared to it’s main U.S. competitor, Chevrolet, average Ford insurance rates cost 0.1% more per year on average.

When compared to import brands like Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, average Ford insurance rates are 5.7% more than Honda, 0.3% less than Toyota, and 4.5% less than Nissan.

Comparing Ford to brands like Honda and Toyota is not an entirely fair comparison, however. Insurance on Ford’s Super Duty line of pickup trucks is higher than average and neither Honda or Toyota manufacture a comparable truck. Plus, the Ford Mustang does not have a comparable model from either Honda or Toyota.

Nissan does have the Titan XD heavy-duty truck model and also the Z and GT-R sports car models, so a Ford to Nissan comparison is more valid.

The table below compared average Ford insurance cost to its top competitors in the U.S. market.

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Chart Data Details: Average car insurance rates include all Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Ram, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan vehicles for the 2022 model year. Rated driver is a 40-year-old married male with safe driver and claim-free discounts applied. Physical damage deductibles are $500 and rates are averaged for all U.S. states.Data last updated on September 13, 2022
Ford Car Insurance Cost vs. Top Competitors

As shown in the chart above, average Ford insurance cost runs middle-of-the-pack when compared to its top competitors.

The next table adds in a lot more vehicle brands, including luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Acura. It gives a more complete view of how Ford insurance compares to other automakers.

The insurance cost for Ford is shown in the first row of the table, with all other manufacturers below it. The difference column shows how each brand compares to Ford. If the value is green, that brand is cheaper than Ford. If the value is red, that brand is more expensive on average than Ford.

Ford Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands
Automotive Brand Insurance Cost Difference

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Table Data Details: Average car insurance cost for each automotive brand assumes a clean driving record and no at-fault accidents for a 40-year-old driver. Rates are averaged for all 2022 models for each manufacturer and for all U.S. states. The difference column indicates the cost difference between each brand and the average cost of Ford insurance. Green indicates the brand is cheaper to insure on average than Ford and red indicates the brand costs more to insure on average than Ford.Data last updated on September 13, 2022
Ford Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands

What is average Ford insurance cost?

Average Ford car insurance cost is $1,548 per year, or about $129 per month for a policy with full coverage. Higher policy physical damage deductibles can make Ford insurance cheaper, whereas lower deductibles will raise insurance cost.

Ford logo on Ranger tailgate
Ford logo on 2021 Ford Ranger tailgate

Which Ford has the cheapest car insurance rates?

For 2022, the cheapest model to insure is the Ford Maverick, which is a midsize truck costing an average $1,304 per year, or around $109 per month. The Ford Ranger comes in second at $1,354 per year.

The next three cheapest vehicles to insure are the Ford Edge, Ford Ecosport, and Ford Explorer. The average insurance cost and automotive segment for each of the top five cheapest Ford models is listed below.

Cheapest Ford models to insure for 2022

  1. Ford Maverick – (midsize truck) Average yearly rate of $1,304 or $109 per month
  2. Ford Ranger – (midsize truck) Average yearly rate of $1,354 or $113 per month
  3. Ford Edge – (midsize SUV) Average yearly rate of $1,374 or $115 per month
  4. Ford Ecosport – (small SUV) Average yearly rate of $1,380 or $115 per month
  5. Ford Explorer – (midsize SUV) Average yearly rate of $1,434 or $120 per month

Where can I find cheap Ford car insurance?

Ford car insurance is already pretty affordable when compared to some other brands. Plus, “cheap” is a subjective term that means something different to everyone. Without knowing your exact budget requirements, our best recommendation for finding the cheapest rate is to get several free Ford car insurance quotes.

There are some tricks to comparing car insurance quotes, however, and you’ll want to pay attention to these next four tips.

Tip #1

When comparing car insurance quotes from different companies, we cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples price quotes.

For example, if you get a price quote from Progressive and another from GEICO, but you use $500 deductibles with Progressive and $1,000 with GEICO, it’s impossible to determine which one has the cheapest price.

Most likely GEICO will have the best price just due to the fact the physical damage deductibles are higher, but that’s not guaranteed.

When you compare rates between companies, make sure your liability limits are the same on each quote (or as close as possible), and you’re using the same comprehensive and collision deductible amounts.

Tip #2

If you add other coverages like towing, rental reimbursement, or glass coverage, make sure you add the same coverages on both price quotes if possible. Some companies offer coverages that are not available with others, so it’s important to get the data as close to identical as possible.

Once you have a decent number of Ford car insurance quotes, you should be able to assess which company will have the best rate. The key here is to make sure you have enough quotes, because there could always be a company with a better rate and you just didn’t include them in your comparison.

Tip #3

If you have a policy now, just use your current policy limits and deductibles when comparing rates. That way you know if you’re getting a good deal already. Your current company could already have the cheapest Ford car insurance, but the only way to know that is to shop around!

Tip #4

It can be daunting trying to find the best companies to get car insurance quotes from. We make it easy by allowing you to input a few simple options and see the best companies in your area. Just follow the link to get free car insurance quotes now!